Electronic repeat dispensing (eRD)

Why are we offering eRD?

Across Sussex, many practices are offering this way of obtaining repeat prescriptions to their patients. The NHS in England have asked practices to increase their use of electronic prescriptions (EPS) and use of eRD in order to ease pressure on the NHS and makes it easier for people to get their medicines.

Who can use the service?

Many practices are offering the service; the service is for people who take regular repeat medicines which are unlikely to change over the course of a year.

Why use this service?

The service helps to reduce workload in GP practices and in pharmacies; it makes it easier for people to get their regular medicines. It reduces medicine waste as the pharmacy will ask them if they need all of the items on the prescription.

What happens to the check-up with my GP?

When the batch of prescriptions are used up, the person goes back to their surgery for their medicine review and to have any blood tests etc. that are needed to ensure they are taking their medicines safely.

I am happy with my existing service. Do I have to change?

Lots of practices are making changes to help deal with the Covid-19 situation, and are discouraging people from making paper requests for their repeat prescriptions.

If you don’t want to use, or aren’t suitable for, the new system, you will still be able to order your repeat medicines electronically. You can still use your usual pharmacy to supply your medicines and any delivery arrangements should still remain in place.

How can I help to reduce prescription waste?

Check your medication cupboard before you pick up your medicines and let the pharmacy know if you don’t need any of the items. Let your pharmacy know if you are having any problems with your medicine and they can help you or advise you to speak to your GP if necessary. Let the pharmacy know if you have stopped taking any of your medicines.

How to switch to eRD

Ask your surgery if they offer this service, and ask them to consider you for it. Remember, not everyone is suitable and your GP will assess you for eligibility.

If you are suitable, your GP will electronically sign up to one year’s worth of medicines and they will be available for you to collect from your pharmacy at regular intervals, usually every month or every 2 months.

Some pharmacies like you to let them know when you will be collecting your medicines; your pharmacy will tell you if this is the case. Some pharmacies are also signing people up for the service; ask your pharmacy for more information.