Help for patients if a GP practice has suspended new registrations

When a GP practice temporarily suspends new patient registrations (sometimes known as ‘list capping’), it may be necessary to assign patients to a local GP practice.

In order to assign a patient to a GP practice, the CCG will need to know the patient’s current address to check which GP practice boundaries cover the area where they live.

What should I do if a GP practice says that they are not registering new patients?

If you need help because the GP practice you have contacted for registration has temporarily suspended new registrations, you will need to complete and return the form below.

Please send completed forms to

You will then be advised if there are practices in the area who are accepting patient registrations directly. If an assignment is required, the CCG is likely to allocate you to the nearest practice to your address. However, there may be some circumstances when this may not be possible.

Once we receive your allocation form, we will let you know which GP practice you have been assign to. You will then need to complete the registration forms on the practice website or contact the practice so that you can get a copy of their registration forms. The assignment letter will include the GP practice contact details.

If you have any queries or require further assistance, please contact