The Governing Body meets regularly in public to make decisions about local health services and ensures that we have arrangements in place to carry out our work effectively, efficiently, economically and in accordance with principles of good governance.

  • Clinical Chair – Dr David Warden
  • Lay Vice Chair – Julia Rudrum
  • Lay Member (Governance) – Carol Pearson
  • Lay Member (Finance and Performance) – Guy Record
  • Lay Member (Patient and Public Involvement) – Louise Ansari
  • Independent Member (Registered Nurse) – Denise Matthams
  • Independent Member (Secondary Care Clinician) – Gulzar Mufti
  • Independent Member (GP) – Dr Naeem Iqbal
  • Locality Representatives:
    • Ragu Rajan
    • Neil Myers
    • Milan Radia
    • Joerg Bruuns
    • Phil Abbott
    • Steven Boxwell
  • Chief Executive Officer – Adam Doyle
  • Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer – Karen Breen
  • Chief Finance Officer – Chris Adcock
  • Chief Nursing Officer – Alison Cannon
  • Chief Medical Officers – Tim Caroe and Elizabeth Gill

Register of Interests

A key principle of our CCG is the openness and transparency we have between members of our Governing Body, our GP members and the local people we commission services for.

We maintain and publish a register of interests of the members of the Governing Body which contains declarations regarding any interests that they have which could impact upon a decision to be made in the commissioning functions of the group.