The CCG Governing Body has a number of Committees that meet on a regular basis to help with the management of the CCG’s business.  These Committees have specific responsibilities and a membership that reflects the experience and knowledge required.

Each Committee has a Terms of Reference (TOR) that explains what the Committee does, regularity of meetings, membership and other useful information.

The CCG prefers to work as transparently as possible and provides as much information and minutes for our public Committees as possible.

Statutory committees

Audit and Assurance Committee

The Audit and Assurance Committee is responsible for providing assurance to the Governing Body on the CCG’s system of internal control. It does this by seeking an independent and objective review of financial and corporate governance and risk management arrangements, including compliance with law, guidance, and regulations governing the NHS.

Primary Care Commissioning Committee

The Primary Care Commissioning Committee enables the members to make collective decisions on the review, planning, and procurement of primary care services under delegated authority from NHS England.  Its principal function is to ensure that the local arrangements for the commissioning of primary care services are undertaken with the utmost regard to the effective management of any actual or potential conflicts of interest. It also provides assurance to the Governing Body as to the development of the Primary Care strategy with specific focus upon Primary Care Networks.

Remuneration and Nominations Committee

The Remuneration and Nominations Committee makes recommendations to the Governing Body on determinations about remuneration, benefits and allowances under any pension scheme.

Other committees

Finance and Performance Committee

The Finance and Performance Committee advises and supports the Governing Body in scrutinising and tracking the delivery of key financial and service priorities, outcomes and targets as specified in the CCG’s Strategic and Operational Plans. The Committee acts as a focal point for seeking assurance around in-year performance and financial issues as well as around providing oversight of the CCG’s QIPP (Quality Innovation Productivity and Prevention) plans.

Quality Committee

The Quality Committee supports the Governing Body by providing assurance that effective quality arrangements underpin all services provided and commissioned on behalf of the CCG. The Committee ensures that all regulatory requirements are met and patient safety is continually improved to deliver a better patient experience.

The Committee also supports the Governing Body in ensuring that commissioning decisions are based on evidence of clinical effectiveness and influenced by patient experience, feedback and need; and in so doing, promote patient safety and a positive patient experience, in line with the principles of the NHS Constitution, the CCGs values and the requirements of the Care Quality Commission.

Patient Involvement Assurance Committee

The role of the Committee is to provide assurance and oversight to the CCG Governing Body and its committees and to ensure that meaningful patient and public engagement is embedded in the commissioning process. The committee also ensures that equality and diversity activity is undertaken in the most effective way, and meets the CCG’s statutory and legal duties to involve patients, carers and the public and the NHS mandatory guidance relating to public involvement.

The Committee supports the CCG in ensuring that the design, review and commission of services that are appropriate and accessible for the local population build on effective and demonstrable involvement of patients, carers and the public, including communities of interest.

Joint Committee of the Sussex Clinical Commissioning Groups

The Joint Committee supports the Governing Body of the CCGs and is specifically responsible for making decisions that span the work of each of the Sussex CCGs in such areas as joint commissioning arrangements or procurements, partnership working that supports the work of the Sussex Health and Care Partnership and effective system wide working.

The Joint Committee has a key assurance role around plans and strategies that span all of the CCGs, such as the Sussex Health and Care Partnership Strategic Plans, as well as workforce planning, staff health and well-being, and equality and diversity.